Do I need Rabies Tags or City Pet License?
Rabies Vaccination:
The owners of all animals capable of transmitting rabies except goats, sheep, horses and cows, shall have such animals vaccinated before such animal reaches the age of four (4) months and before every twelve (12) months thereafter, or 36 months if a 36 month vaccine is used, or as prescribed by the Texas Board of Health against rabies with a vaccine approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and administered by a licensed veterinarian, who shall issue to the owner of the animal a vaccination certificate. The owner shall retain such certificate until the vaccination is renewed. At the time of vaccination, a metal tag shall be issued by the veterinarian showing the name of the veterinary clinic, the tag number, and the year of issuance. Such vaccination tag shall be worn by the animal for which it was issued in the same manner as and with the same requirements as the tag issued for an animal’s annual permit as described above.
Pet License:
The owner, keeper or harborer of any dog or cat within the city shall make application to the Animal Control Authority of the city for a registration permit for such dog or cat. Such application shall contain information on the dog’s or cat’s description, including whether the animal is neutered or spayed, date of vaccination, and name, address and telephone number of the owner, keeper or harborer. The owner, keeper or harborer shall also present to the Animal Control Authority of the city a current certificate of vaccination issued for such dog or cat in accordance with section 2-8.

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