Residential Bulk Pick-up

Bulky Waste Collection Made Easy

Got bulky waste to get rid of such as furniture and carpet? Residents can now request bulky waste collection digitally on the Waste Connections mobile app Waste Connect for Apple ( ) or Android ( ) smartphones. The tool is also available on the Waste Connections website at ( )

The process is simple, open the tool (online or app), then follow these steps: 

 Enter your address.

  1. Select which items you have to be collected.
  2. Choose a date for future collection. 
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Review the details and click submit. Once you have submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 
  5. Need to cancel? There is a link to cancel your request inside of the confirmation email. 

Also in the mobile app, you’ll find the garbage pickup collection schedule specific to your house address. The mobile app can also remind you of your collection day, so you’ll never forget again! Additionally, you can search the Waste Wizard to learn how to properly recycle or dispose of materials.

 You can also call City Hall to schedule your pickup at 325-247-4158

Please click the link for more information on approved items. Residential Pickup