Community Development

Director of Community Development
Under the direction of the City Manager, the Director of Community Development performs general and specific work related to the promotion, marketing, and sustainability of the city’s business and quality of life infrastructure. The position has direct responsibility for administration of the city’s Main Street Program and assists in the city’s Economic Development Program.

The Director of Community Development provides leadership in the city’s grant writing and grant administration efforts, and will also be responsible for tourism development through promotion and event management. The Director of Community Development performs duties and tasks assigned by the City Manager and City Council in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Responsibilities & Duties
The duties of the Director of Community Development include, but are not limited to:
  • Administration and compliance of the city’s Main Street Program, including recruitment, training, support, and recognition of related volunteers and businesses.
  • Administering Main Street façade and improvement grant funds
  • Implementation of Main Street 2nd story program for office and commercial development of the Courthouse Square
  • Developing and assessing marketing and communications plans for effectiveness
  • Act as point of contact for existing businesses and business start-ups for identifying funding options, business planning expertise, and marketing resources
  • Preparing press releases, brochures, and copies for internet publication in the promotion of city events, golf course, and tourism opportunities
  • Provide staff resources and expertise to Llano Economic Development Corporation in promotion and marketing of the Community Facilities Project and other projects as needed
  • Grant writing and grant administration as needed
  • Maintaining contact with contracted grant writers and provide timely updates to staff on progress or lack thereof
  • Maintain inventory of commercial buildings and developable land with size, zoning, and available infrastructure
  • Maintain direct and indirect communication with potential commercial enterprises particularly those that can capitalize on the city’s technology infrastructure
  • Maintain direct and indirect communications with commercial real estate developers and agents for possible relocation or business start-ups