Llano Main Street

About the Program

Llano has been a nationally recognized Main Street city since 2003. The program has contributed to an increasingly vibrant downtown and historic district which attracts visitors and citizens for entertainment and to dine and shop.

For more information, visit the Llano Main Street website or call 325-247-4158, ext. 109.

Vision Statement

Llano Main Street envisions the Historic Business District as the heart of the community where history is preserved, where unique and exciting businesses flourish, and where residents and visitors choose to come for business, shopping, living, and entertainment.

Mission Statement

To bolster the economy of our community by using the Main Street 4-point approach of: design, organization, promotion, and economic restructuring to preserve and restore the historic buildings and foster community cohesiveness.
Main Street is limited only by the imagination of the volunteers participating in the program. The possibilities of this program are endless. The following are a few of the program goals:
  • Improve the appearance of the Historical Business District
  • Draw new businesses to Llano
  • Keep shoppers in Llano and draw new shoppers to Llano
  • Provide landscaping, lighting, and public areas
  • Create and promote festivals drawing visitors
  • Develop the historical district into a destination
  • Assisting business outside the district
  • Strengthening Llano's sense of pride and community
  • Create new parking areas
  • Monitor the preservation of our historical assets
  • Develop low-interest loan and grant programs