Parks & Recreation

Recreation facilities in the City of Llano are now located in 3 city parks, 3 school sites, and on property managed by the county. A community park now under development by the city, on Lake Llano and near the town Square, will contain many amenities.

Recreational facilities are located at Robinson City Park, the Llano Municipal Golf Course, Lion's Little League Field adjacent to the City Hall, a softball field southeast on the perimeter of the city, Moore Recreational Facility, and the Badu Park.

The county also has property referred to as the Commons on the north and south sides of the River. Crenwelge Park is located in the South Commons.

The following is an inventory of these recreational spaces and facilities:
The following tabulation indicates the space used in acres of land for active recreational use and the existing types of recreational facilities that are available to the citizens of Llano in these spaces:
Recreational Space Estimated Acres
Robinson Park 21
Moore Recreational Facility 17
Badu Park 10
Lions Little League 2
Men's Softball Field 3
Playground (adjacent to Elementary School) 2
Barney Lee Little League Field 1.6
Moore and Grenwelge Parks 2
Total 58.6
Municipal Golf Course 122

Recreational Facilities
Type Number
Baseball fields 4
Softball fields 2
Soccer fields 2
Swimming (pool and fresh water) 2
Areas having play equipment or structures 5
Pavilion 3
Tennis courts 4
Golf course 1
Fitness trail 1
Basketball courts
(out of doors)
Multi-purpose court 1

Of the 58.6 acres in recreational space, 55-plus acres are in city park areas, and the remainder is school property. The smaller parks in the central area are not included in this tabulation, nor is the vacant land on Lake Llano. The ratio between the number of park acres and the number of persons per thousand in the population, a measure used by cities for assessing existing space or projecting future park space, is 13.9, almost twice the nationally accepted ratio between local recreational space and the population.