Learn About

  1. Board of Adjustment

    Read about the Board of Adjustment's role in Llano.

  2. Community Facilities Project

    Find out about the benefits Llano receives from community facility projects.

  3. Economic Development

    The Llano Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) invests the city's designated economic development sales tax receipts into economic development projects, as prescribed by Texas law, for the benefit of the citizens of Llano.

  4. Llano

    Find out how Llano got its name and became a town.

  5. Local Attractions

    Check out some of the location attractions in Llano including an 18-hole golf course, bed and breakfasts, and more.

  6. Municode

    Review the Code of Ordinances for Llano.

  7. Recreation

    View information about local lakes, parks, vineyards, and other forms of outdoor recreation in Llano.

  8. Tourism

    Find out more about recreation, attractions, historic landmarks, and Llano Main Street.